Clip Hanger – Cell Phone Clip Review

Clip Hanger – Cell Phone Clip is a product made ideally for those people who always on the go. This newly developed cell phone accessories was designed to let people carry their cell phone more conveniently. It is very handy and can fit to any models of cell phone.

Clip Hanger – Cell Phone Clip package comes with a set of 3M adhesive circle and clear strip tapes. Since you will be attaching this device at the back of your phone, you will need these clear strip tapes to provide support to your battery cover. You just simply need to peel off the clear tapes and stick them on both sides of your cellular phone. Make sure you cover some of the areas of your battery door to protect it from loosing in time.

Well, the two circle 3M double adhesive tapes are intended to bind your clip hanger and your phone, but you will only need one of them. Perhaps, they just included the other one as a reserve. Again, you will need to peel off your circle adhesive and taped to the circle pattern of your clip hanger. After sticking the circle tape to your clip hanger cell phone clip, you can now peel off the other side of your tape and then, stick at the back of your phone. Press this product for a few minutes and it will be better is you do not use heavily in the first 24 hours of application to allow the adhesive reach its maximum strength.

Please take note of what they say on this product’s manual. It is very important that you clean the surface of your phone where you wish to stick your clip hanger. This is to ensure that your tapes get the strongest hold and prevent future damage. You can apply some household cleaning formula or an alcohol to clean the surface of your phone. Just keep your phone surface clean and dry before installing your clip hanger device.

Clip Hanger – Cell Phone Clip are available in five different colors; black, violet, red, blue and plain transparent plastic. It is very light weight and has a dimensional size of 3.6 x 1.4 x 0.5 inches, which is a lot smaller than those bulky cell phone clips we usually see from regular cell phone holder. Unlike other cell phone clip products, Clip Hanger – Cell Phone Clip also features a built-in super bright twin LED lights that are very useful as well.

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