CubeGuard Review

Our office is not only a place to work, but a place to be sociable as well. However, there are some people who are often insensitive. They seem to like socializing too much that they do not realize how they are taking the time of other workers. Such interruption can really affect the productivity of anyone. This can really hamper the operation of the whole organization and can cause delay of your reports and projects. Situation like this makes you want to scream and say “Enough! Go away! I need to work!” But these words, no matter how good your intention may be, can make you sound so rude, which you never wanted to happen.

So if you want to send a message to your co-workers while you are in the office without offending them, this is probably the best way to it. Dilbert’s CubeGuard is a retractable message barrier that you can install across your cubicle to let the other people know what are up to and let them avoid interrupting to you during these times. It is very easy to install and can fit in entryways of 50” wide. You will only need a minute or two to set this message barrier up and enjoy your quiet times.

Dilbert’s CubeGuard retractable message barrier is a highly elegant looking that was designed to fit the professional environment of your office. This product is also very durable. It was made of photo-quality printing on a heavy duty 100% polyester fabric, which was also tested to over 10,000 pull and release cycles.

Dilbert’s CubeGuard retractable message barriers are available in these five friendly status messages with smiley design:

  • Please Do Not Disturb
  • Out Of The Office
  • Out To Lunch
  • Working From Home
  • Currently Busy Please Do Not Disturb

Indeed, Dilbert’s CubeGuard retractable message barrier is one of the most effective communication devices that can help you guard your privacy and productivity. You can have this product officially from the As Seen on TV website for only $ 19.95 each. You just need to add $ 6.95 to cover the processing and handling charges and you can expect to receive your package in 3-4 days.